Testing Policy

Surety Laboratories can offer to its customers “Personalized Microbiological Testing” for both:

Preservation Challenge Tests
(using Surety preservatives)


Antimicrobial Time Kill Tests
(using Surety antimicrobials)

In an effort to personalize the preservative challenge test we require that the customer send to us a quart of the product to be preserved (dish detergent, laundry detergent, all-purpose cleaner, fabric softener, hand soap, shampoo, and shower gel). Our targeted applications also include inks, adhesives and paints.

We will then add to the customer base the appropriate Surety preservative at the following concentrations:

0.05%, 0.10%, 0.15%, 0.20% *

* suggested levels

We then subject these samples (along with an unpreserved control) to our “Surety Preservative Challenge Test” protocol. By this procedure we feel that we can determine the “most cost effective level” of preservative needed to protect “your product”.

Our Antimicrobial Time Kill procedure is also utilized to evaluate “your product“. By this procedure we can verify the effectiveness of the Surety antimicrobial needed to make a claim of “antibacterial activity“.

Surety Laboratories, through personalized microbial testing, is committed to be your antimicrobial and preservative supplier.

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