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The use and selection of preservatives and antimicrobials has become more complex and complicated as various government agencies have added more rules and regulations on their use. In addition, various non-government organizations (NGOs) have advocated more regulations be heap on the selection and use of preservatives and antimicrobials. The effect of NGOs has reverberated through-out the industries that Surety Laboratories serve: manufactures of personal care products, janitorial and household cleaning products and hand hygiene products. Surety Laboratories can help you select and use the best preservative or antimicrobial for your application. Surety Laboratories can provide not only the technical data to drive decisions on preservative and/or antimicrobials; Surety Laboratories can provide the regulatory expertise as well.

OSHA is just one of a number of government agencies that have regulations that impact the selection and use of preservatives and antimicrobials.

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