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Hand Hygiene

Antimicrobials for Hand Hygiene

Surety Laboratories understand that one of the chief purposes for hand hygiene products is to protect people from the risk of infections by reducing the number or eliminating pathogenic microbes on peoples’ hands. Proper hand hygiene is critical to professionals in various institutional settings such as education, healthcare and food service. Surety Laboratories antimicrobials are manufactured to the highest standards are fully compliant to current regulations and are a great match for use by professionals in the institutional and industrial markets.

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Formulated Antimicrobials

Formulated Antimicrobials for Hand Hygiene

Surety Laboratories formulated products are intended for use in various hand hygiene applications. Surety Laboratories can shorten the time for you to develop and market a new hand hygiene product. These products have been built on the years of experience in the hand hygiene marketplace. Contact Surety Laboratories for more information on Surcide formulated products for hand hygiene.

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Using hand sanitizer

Household & Janitorial Preservatives

Cleaning products come in all shapes, sizes and types. Because of their very nature, cleaning products must be clean. They cannot be tarnished by problem microbes that would diminish their cleaning ability or shorten its shelf life. Preservatives play a crucial role in maintaining the, “clean” in cleaning products. Surety Laboratories have a range of preservative products that can protect your product from problem microbes. Ask a Surety Laboratories team member which Surcide preservative is right for your application.

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Personal Care

Personal Care Preservatives

Trust Surety Laboratories to protect your personal care products from problem microbes that could ruin your product and your reputation. Contact Surety Laboratories to learn which Surcide preservative is best fit your application.

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